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Getting Funded with TopstepTrader


I get alot of questions when it comes to TopStepTrader and trading in the Combine. People always ask me if they are legitimate and if they will receive their money.

I always say yes since I have received money from TopStepTrader in the past but more importantly I tell them to not focus on that. You really need to focus on your strategy but no tonly that.

More specifically you need to focus on your trading strategy within TopStepTrader. Depending which size combine you are taking the $50,000 $100,000 etc. from there yo need to look at your own strategy, understand the daily and weekly loss limits and work backwards.

Knowing your risk/reward on every trade using 1,3 5 lots how many losses can you take? How many times can you get stopped out in a row before breaking a rule?

these a re just a couple questions you need to be crystal clear before trading in the combine with TopStepTrader.

As always feel free to contact me to chat anytime.

Lino D.


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