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TopStepTrader vs. Everyone Else

Hi Traders,

When it comes to choosing a company to get funded trading futures now a days you have a few choices, this space has become fairly popular.

Back when I started trading their wasn't any then their was TopstepTrader. They were first on thee scene, the rules were difficult, people were losing and not getting funded. It was difficult to stay funded.

Fast forward 6 years later and you have a choice or multiple funders. From TopStepTrader, to OneupTrader, SpeedupTrader, Trader2B, Earn2Trade and more.

I have been funded with multiple of these and I have to say TopsStepTrader has it figured out. They are quick with answering questions, they defiantly pay when you make money and their support team is fantastic. Tons of education and a real community to chat with.

If your starting out in trading futures, I would recommend going with TopStepTrader, If your a seasoned vet well thats another conversation.

Trade well.

Lino D.


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