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TopStepTrader Futures Trading Combine

Hi Traders,

Its been awhile since I have discussed or traded with TopStepTrader. I was one of the first people to take on the TST Combine years ago while it was n Beta Testing.

I remember the rules where not a simple, it was not easy to get funded and it took a lot longer. Typically it was a full 30 days of trading, strict loss limits and no chances to reset you combine.

Once you blew out you had to full the full fee once again, get disciplined and make a real plan.

I have said it many times in the past but learning to trade and learning to trade within the topsteptrader rules are two different things. You really need to understand your strategy, how much leverage you can use before you break a rule, how many trades you can take with your risk vs. reward system in place.

I have been funded in the 100k account and funded in the 150k account in the past, I have seen TopStepTrader evolve over the years and I can say im still a fan and believe trading in the combine will gain you discipline.

as always feel free to reach out.

Lino D.


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