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Using TopstepTrader to sharpen your skills before trading your own account

Hey Traders,

Hope trading is going well for all, last week I was asked what is better to trade for TopstepTrader or trade your own personal funded account.

That questions can be answered in a number of ways but if you are a new trader and not consistently seeing profits then I would def. have to say TopstepTrader.

The reason is that with the Rules that TST has in place in the funded account it will only allow you to lose so much. If you fund a personal account with 10k you could potentially blow through that in a matter of days on some bad trading and revenge trading.

Even when in the combine you will learn how to stay disciplined and within the rules of the combine, this will teach you so much about your personal strategy and hopefully how to fix it moving forward.

Best of luck this week traders! As always feel free to contact me directly.

Lino D.


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