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Day Trading or Swing Trading?

Hey Traders,

The question as old as time! Is it better to day trade or swing trade?

If you ask me, ill tell you that something right in the middle is best. Some markets that I trade are so volatile that you can pick up a awesome move in a certain direction and be done for the day. Other markets are great to hold on to for 1-3 days and really pick up a monster move.

I love analyzing charts from the top down, meaning starting with monthly or weekly and working my way down to small tick based charts.

I find myself looking for the big swing moves on a weekly charts and holding for a number of days. You can really make some large profits.

Depending on what the market is showing me I would make a decision on to hold the trade or get out and take my profits and run.

AS always feel free to contact me.

Lino D.


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