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Why you must adjust your trading strategy with TopstepTrader

Hey Traders,

You may find that your trading strategy earns you profits when trading your own account but as soon as you step into the TopstepTrader arena that all changes.

This is because of the added rules they have in place, these rules really dissect your strategy and open up any flaws you may have. For example, you are not able to keep trading until you get yourself out of a hole. You will eventually hit a daily loss limit, max draw down and lose your funded account. Believe me, I know I did it.

In your own account you can keep drawing it down until you eventually blow it out but at least you have a lot more chances to get back to break even, with TST this is not possible.

It makes you look at your risk/reward system which I believe is the most important aspect to look at within you trading strategy. If you are risking more than what your looking to earn on any given trade its time to re evaluate because in the end it will never work.

My trading strategy has a 1/3 risk reward on every single trade I take. this way I know I always have some sort of edge in the market.

I plan to re enter a combine or start posting updates from my personal account trading within the couple weeks, stay tuned and trade well.

Feel free to contact me any time.

Lino D.


skype: lino.demarchi1

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