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TopstepTrader 100K ACCOUNT FUNDED

Hi Traders,

Today was day 10 in step 2 of my 100k combine with Topsteptrader. I officially passed today and will be moving into the funded account! Im very prouud , I did it in the least amoutn of time possible totally smashing the 6k profit target!

It was another great trending day with awesome volatility. My strategy setup perfectly a number of times in multiple markets and I took advantage earning over +$1400.

What a great few weeks it has been in the markets, Im excited to move forward and start building a account with TST once again. I had success with them in the past and look to do even better this time around.

My plan moving forward is to build the account with a nice cushion where I can get to the point of consistently trading 5-10 lots and taking advantage of these markets.

I will be uploading my entire stage 1 and sage 2 of my combine to my website and you can find it by click HERE.

It will most likely take a week or 2 to get everything setup and trading live, so stay tuned for more posts!

As always feel free to send me an email or add me to chat about how to beat TST and learn my strategists,

Thank you.

Lino D.


skype: lino.demarchi1

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