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TopstepTrader 100k Combine Step 2 Day 4 +$788

Hey Traders,

Another great day of trading, tons of volatility in the markets and I profited $788 in the NQ market. Today was day 4 of step 2 in my 100k combine.

Tomorrow is a holiday and the markets will be closed, im sitting with almost 10k in profits and well over the 6k needed to get funded. All is needed now is to trade 6 more days and move onto the funded account.

Im really looking forward to trading the funded account, hopefully the volatility and opportunities stick around for a few months. But just as fast as it has come it can easily go away.

Weekend is a great time to reflect about your trading for the week and plan for the upcoming week.

If you have any questions about my trading, my strategies r how you can learn to pass TopstepTrader please feel free to contact me!

Thanks and have a great long weekend!

Lino D.


Skpye: lino.demarchi1

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