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TopstepTrader 100k Combine PASSED

Hey Traders,

A great week for trading, a ton of volatility across the board and I hot my target and officially passed the TST 100k combine. As you can see by my trade report I did it in 5 days with a perfect 100% positive trading days.

Now this is not usually the case but the markets weer great and I stayed patient and waited for my high quality trades. I will be moving on to the second stage where I have to trade a min. of 10 days and achieve the profit target of $5000 once again.

I plan to take my time but hope to pass it in the 10 day minimum time frame. Passing the combine is all about knowing when to trade with max. risk and achieve that profit target.

I'm happy to chat with anyone who has questions about my trading strategy and passing topsteptrader.

I will be updating more as the days go by in the second part of the combine stag!

Thank you.

Lino D.


skype: lino.demarchi1

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