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Taking on TopstepTrader!

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone is doing well, I decided to take on TST 100k combine and FTP once again! I dint realize a few things have changed with topsteptrader.

For example in the combine you can trade as little as 5 days and if you stay within the rules and hit your target you move on, and thats EXACTLY what i did!

The markets have been moving awesome, tons of volatility and opportunities across all markets. I have evolved my trading strategies to look at a lot more futures markets as you see if the picture.

I was profitable all 5 days, nailed my target and traded the NQ,HG, CL, ES, TF, 6J and NG

stay tuned for an update and lets ee if I can get through the second step! Funded trader preparation!


Lino D.


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