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Discretionary vs Algo Trading

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone is doing well, thanks for coming back to read my blog!

As I embark on my quest to learning how to code, create and properly back test automated trading strategies the question I continue to ask myself is if I will continue to trade manually or discretionary. I love trading live and in the moment, analyzing the markets, looking for the best possible trade setups. It something I have done since 2011 and its really thew only trading Ive known since I started.

As my eyes open up to the world of algorithmic trading it becomes more of a question. As for right now the answer would be yes, I will continue to take trades manually. I have been doing well in simulation lately taking trades based on a strategy that I think keeps you focused and in the markets looking for the best possible setup.

I do plan to trade with real capital within the next 30 to 60 days, I always like to take time off, re group, start a trading routine in simulation then smoothly transition over to real capital.

I have completed 3 weeks as a Triforce student, we have covered quite a bit and we are starting to get into some really good stuff. I always wanted to learn how to code, test my ideas and truly know if the system could be profitable long term. I used to spend hours looking for edges in teh market then paying a coder hundreds of dollars to code it, tweak and then I would run it live just to have it fail after a short time. As the training goes on I learn why I failed back then, there are a TON of different components and variables that go into algo trading, finding an edge, coding it properly, optimizing, back testing etc. etc. etc.

I'm excited every time we have a class to learn and understand all of this. I'm confident that in 4-6 months I will have the tools to create my own and start running my own strategies.

In the meantime I will continue to trade the markets, read, learn and grow as a Trader!

Thank for stopping by!

Lino D.


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