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100k TopStepTrader Combine & FTP Passed : Funded Trader

Hi Traders,

Today I received the word from the funding department at TopsStepTrader that I have official passed everything and will be receiving my funded account. I filled out all the necessary paperwork and hopefully should be ready to trade in about a weeks time. You can view all the days I traded HERE.

I was challenged by several past students and people to get funded again and that's exactly what I did. It took the minimum amount of days and I did it trading the Momentum Trading Strategy, The exact strategy I teach my students to trade.

Passing the TopStepTrader combine and FTP is not easy, You really need to understand how the markets work, You need to know and trust your trading strategy inside and out. You need to calculate how many lots you can trade and how many losers you can take before you break a rule and fail.

If you don't have the confidence in your strategy you will end up paying for the combine over and over again. Period.

Do not learn this the hard way, Invest in your education, Learn a strategy that keeps an edge on your side like risk/reward and trust it. This is the only way. If your interested in learning more details on how I passed or the Mentorship Program feel free to add me to Skype.

Thank you and see you soon with some profits!

Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1

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