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Hey Traders!!

Hope everyone is doing well, lately I have been getting a lot of requests to get back onto the TopStepTrader train and help some people pass like I did TWICE this year. I manged to pull out close to $4000 on my first day trading with them before breaking one of their rules!

I never did get my REVENGE (by revenge I mean MORE PROFITS!) so I would like to make an exclusive offer to anyone who would like to join me!

If you are interested in learning my strategy, taking my 1on1 mentorship class I will be offering a discount for the next little while AND will trade with you in the TST Combine!

I will be posting my charts DAILY with review videos of my good and bad trades and days. I will try my best to help you along during the mentorship to try and get you through the combine and hopefully the FTP.

Its certainly not impossible and if you have been struggling with passing it I feel I can help get you to the finish line.

Please send me an email to or you can add me to Skype to chat.

Skype ID: lino.demarchi1

Thank you!

Lino D.


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