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TopstepTrader Funded Trader Preparation Day 2

Hey Traders,

Welcome back top my trading blog, Today is Day 3 of my Funded Trader Preparation with TopstepTrader. In the overnight session there was some movement but it was side ways. I waited for the pit open to come as usual and we did see a bit a volatility to the downside.

I waited for a pull back and entered the trade at 40.59 and exited 40.45. I didn’t get my full target but I'm happy with where I closed my trade. It is a one and done trade and that is exactly what is in my trade plan.

I get alot of questions about the TST combine and FTP. How to pass it etc. Its not easy, as soon as you think you might be doing well the rules will creep up on you and expose your trading weakness or any weaknesses in your strategy. You have to create a totally separate plan from your trading plan, you need to understand your losses, winners and how many possible trades you can take before breaking any given rule.

Thanks for reading my update and feel free to send me to email or add me to Skype.

Lino D.



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