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TopstepTrader 150k Combine Day 9


Today is Wednesday April 6, 2016. Crude Oil Inventory news is today and at the pit open it was dead. You could feel the usual volatility was not there, direction was bullish overnight with a small pull back. I looked for a long and as soon as I entered it didn’t do anything.

I’m not gonna force it, I’m done with doing that, I closed my trade with 1 tick profit and walked away. These days can hurt you more than you think when you try to squeeze every once of profit out of it. IF its not there then who cares and come back tomorrow.

NOT trading IS trading.

That marks my Day 9 in my TopstepTrader 150k Combine, tomorrow is the last day as long as I keep above the 9k mark. I will submit it to the funded team for review and hopefully start FTP next week.

Enjoy your day and speak with you soon!

Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1

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