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TopstepTrader Day 7: Rookie Mistakes and Student Testimonial!

Hey Traders,

Thanks for coming by and reading my blog, I like to call today rookie mistake Monday. Why? Well I didn’t realize I was trading a 13 lot! LOL yea literally I can laugh at this one. I wanted to trade 3 lots for the duration of my combine (4 days left) to get used to the scaling plan in the FTP. I always trade with the chart trader on Ninjatrader and I watch the ticks instead of the actual equity going up and down. So I didn’t notice until I was down over 150 ticks!

My first instinct is to try and make it up well that was dumb. A stupid rookie mistake but it happens, and I’m sure my readers can relate. Ah well, tomorrow is a new day and one step closer the FTP. Got a little equity to make up over the next 3 days but that has never been a problem for me.

Crude did start off sideways so I did take a few losses. And 1 small win. That’s when I checked my equity and seen the mistake. Remember to always check the chart trader or DOM for how many lots you are trading!!! Good lesson to keep me in check.

My past student Len wrote an testimonial on her experience with the 6-week training program. She is on her way to a funded account! Please Click Here to Check out what she said.

Thanks for reading and chat with you tmr!

Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1

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