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TopstepTrader 150k Combine Halfway. The one and done.

Hey Traders,

Thanks for coming back to read my trading blog for March 31st, 2016. I wanted to update my readers on what has been going on with myself and my trading. As you know I was funded this year with TopstepTrader passing the combine and FTP with ease but failing in the first 10 days.

I was extremely disappointed in myself but I know it’s part of the game, I got caught up in it all and let emotions run my trading habits. My bad trading habits. I began to over trade, moved targets to look for more when I had it all locked down.

That’s all in the past now and I’m looking forward, forward to a new start. I have been working on my trading, my psychological state while trading, and my plan. Today marks the half way point of my 150k combine, Day 5. As you can see I have had a couple days with one trade I call it the One and Done, yes I know original.

I reflected back into my trading and realized that almost every day my first couple trades are winners, I usually find myself in the profit within the first 60 min. of trading then from there I start to make bad decisions, get emotional trying to reach for more or dig myself into a hole due to over trading.

I have created a strict plan for myself to focus on the ONE and DONE. My strategy is all about finding the momentum, direction and volatility and waiting for the super high probability trade to happen and let risk/reward take you home. Waiting for that 1 good trade, taking those profits and walking away. I just don’t have the personality, patience or stamina to last all day and walk away green. I have been doing this long enough now to really understand my strengths and weaknesses in my personal trading and now it’s time to use them fully.

Trading is all about personal development, in your plan and your life. Always keep moving forward, use past experiences as learning lessons not defeats. Never accept what our deep subconscious is telling you that you cannot do it, that you are a loser. You ARE a WINNER and YOU ARE a consistently profitable trader.

As always feel free to add me to Skype or shoot me an email to chat.

Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1

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