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WW3: The Subconscious Battle.

Hey Traders,

Thanks for reading my blog for March 24th, 2016. Well if read the title you prob get it. I like to call myself the SIM millionaire. Why? When it comes to practice or simulation trading I’m a the BEST trader, I follow my rules, I follow my risk plan I’m confident and care free. I have made so many ticks in SIM it’s ridiculous.

Now flip that switch in to live trading with real money, all hell breaks loose. I start off pretty calm and cool, but as my trading progress the deep flaws logged in my subconscious mind take over and leave my skills on the side or the road to fend for themselves.

Our subconscious is the protector of all things evil and in our trading it wants to protect us from the feeling of anxiety, losing, fear so much that it will sabotage our accounts just so it won’t have ot trade anymore. Loss after loss to get us back to where we are comfortable, trading in simulation. I have spent hours and hours reading about the sub conscious mind, spoken to several professionals of all walks of life.

This is a serious subject a serious flaw and before I can see any successes has to be dealt with. I have had success in trading before but always wondered why it last a few weeks the kaboom! It was all gone.

I have failed in my TST funded account because I froze up, My subconscious mind took over and I didn’t have a choice any more, I failed to be mindful in the moment and realize I had to respect my subconscious and let him work with my instead against me.

If you know me or have spoken to me before, I don’t like to lose or quit or give up at anything, I have been successful in my life and my career and I will NOT let trading or TST fail me. I have made it TWICE to the funded account and TWICE I have let me emotions get the best of me. Enough of the excuses its time to really work on what I need, its not my strategy, it’s my emotional state of mind, my inner self working with my higher self to let me success in trading and be mindful of my strengths and weaknesses.

I will continue to strive forward and once again I will get through it and I will succeed.

If you can relate to my success or my faults feel free to send me an email or add me to skype.

Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1

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