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Officially Funded with TopstepTrader

Hey Traders,

Thanks for coming by and reading my trading and education blog for March 7, 2016. Today I received the official word on my 150k TopstepTrader Combine and Funded Trader preparation that I did pass. I reviewed and signed all the paperwork and tomorrow have a scheduled phone call with the Funded team. I look forward to speaking with them and getting started. It may be another week or so depending on how fast they can get setup.

Trading through the TopstepTrader program and being evolved with a company is prob. The best thing that has happened to my trading. As a Funded Trader we are required to be in a chatroom with the rest of the funded team, sharing ideas and talk about the markets. Its extremely powerful and always nice to have fellow traders to chat with.

I feel my trading is doing well, not the best but I will get there. During the combine and FTP I have diligently worked on my focus and discipline in my trading. This is the hardest part about trading for anyone and Im sure you can agree if you are reading this. In the time being before my account is getting setup I will be working on my trade plan, writing down my goals for the first 10 days of the Funded Account.

The first 10 days is extremely important because the same rules apply that were applicable in the FTP. They are meant to build your account and build a nice cushion for trading so you can eventually trade more contracts and earn more profits. If you are interested, you can read my daily blog where I wrote about my experience day by day in my Combine and FTP by click the underlining.

Its time for me to get to work and prove to myself that my hard work, perseverance and never give up attitude will pay off. As always I welcome fellow trades to ad me to Skype to chat about my trading or Mentorship program. I will be working with students while trading.

Trade well everyone and speak with you soon!

Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1

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