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TopstepTrader Funded Trader Preparation Day 9

Hey Traders,

Thanks for reading my trading update on my Blog for March 2, 2016. Today was Day 9 of my 150k Funded Trader Preparation with TopstepTrader.

Today was crude oil inventories and I sat out most of the time, taking a couple trades on CL with one of them almost hitting my profit target which I closed, as I seen it hit a support area. I also traded a little bit of the ES, mostly losing trades but I only traded with 1 lot to minimize losses.

A total of 9 trades today winning 44% of them and still coming out with a small profit. Just like my Crude trading ES I have a minimum 1/2 or 1/3 risk reward in place, this way I can take trades with confidence knowing all I have to do is stay patient and wait for my setups to come around.

The momentum Trading Strategy setups and very clear and straight forward, As you get familiar with it there are defiantly some advanced setups to take that can add a lot to your bottom line. I usually teach these setups to students once the have a great handle on the bread and butter setups that we use everyday.

1 Day left to complete the FTP and get into my 150k TopstepTrader account. I would be lying if I told you Im not excited but on the other hand its business and now is when it all counts. I love baseball and I feel like the combine and FTP was my spring training and the funded account will be my regular season. Time to go to work and make it happen, I’m working everyday to battle my emotions, patience and discipline.

I had a student graduate this week and he has a great grasp on the market, that means there are a couple openings in the Mentorship Program if anybody is interested. Feel free to shoot me an email or add me to Skype to chat.

Thanks for reading!

Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1

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