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TopstepTrader Funded Trader Preparation Day 6

Hey Traders,

Thanks for stopping by reading my progress in the TopstepTrader 150k Combine and Funded Trader Preparation. Today was day 6 of the Funded Trader Preparation and I was closely watching the Crude Oil Futures market (CL). The momentum overnight was very clear, strong bullish run into the pit open. As soon as the rest of the markets opened up at 9:30 EST the momentum shifted to the bearish side and stayed that way all day.

After getting stopped out of multiple long positions I stayed patient and waited for confirmation that the market was going to move lower. A total of 13 trades winning 7 of them, 53% profitable. Once again my Momentum trading strategy proves that when risk/reward is in your favor on every trade eventually you will find profit if you stick to the setups. Two back to back winners at the end of my trading session helped put away some decent profits for today. First short was entered at 34.15 and exited at 33.90. The second trade was entered at 33.61 and exited at 33.37.

A total of 122 ticks today (+1220) and that puts me over the $3000 total goal I must reach to complete the FTP and return back into the Funded account. I have 4 more days to trade and the goal is to keep profits above this mark and submit my results on Thursday of next week.

Since I restarted the TST process the goal has been to work on patience, discipline and waiting for my setups. I feel over the past 3 weeks I have been getting better, A few speed bumps along the way but I have become more self aware and I will continue to work on this everyday moving forward.

I hope everyone had a great week, and enjoys their weekend. I always like to chat about the markets, my strategies and my training program so feel free to send me an email or add me to Skype.

Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1

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