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TopstepTrader 150k Combine Day 10 PASSED

Hey Traders,

Thanks for stopping by my blog, below is todays update on my trading. Wednesday February the 17th, 2016 was my 10th and final day of my TopstepTrader 150k Combine.

It was clear that in the overnight session Crude Oil Futures was bullish and looked to continue. I spotted a short term retracement, took the trade and held it for approx. 8 ticks. The goal of todays trade session was to come out with some profits and send in my combine for review to the funding team at TST.

It eventually did hit my target but I do not care, I’m happy to pass the 150k Combine in the first 10 days of trading with a total profit of $9,979. It was not easy, but this time I focused on my patience and selection of trades. I focused on my mental state making sure to always recognize my emotions before taking a trade and after.

I’m waiting to hear back from topstepTrader about the next step in the process the Funded Trader Preparation. Now the FTP comes with a smaller profit target but more rules, the exact rules that will be in the Funded account for the first 10 days. This is where the true test comes in and you have to be ready on all parts. Your strategy, your risk/reward and mental state of mind.

I feel ready to take on the challenge, I’m ready to get back into the funded account and do what I know I can and failed to do last time. If you read my blogs, you know I like to reference sports all the time so here is one. If you watch basketball you know the Golden State Warriors are having an unbelievable season, a record breaking season. A reporter asked a few of the team members why they think they are doing so well and continue to win game after game setting records etc.

Their answer was that they loved the feeling of being champions, the feeling that they are the best and worked so hard to get to the point. They tasted victory at the ultimate level and now every single player on that team all they can think about is getting that feeling back. They want it so bad that they go out there every night playing there hardest, focused and determined to get that feeling and hold that championship trophy once again.

That’s how I feel about TopstepTrader, I worked hard to get funded. Not just the process but om my strategy, dissecting every little trade I take, when and how I should be trading with more leverage, charts etc. It felt amazing to accomplish that goal when I passed the 100k Combine and made money in the funded account. It sucks I had a slip up and lost it but I was there and I felt it and now Im doing everything in my power to get that back, to get the accomplishment and feeling back. Now I’m 10 more trading days away to doing and I will not be stopped. Period.

If you are not feeling the same way, working on your trading plan and strategy and your TopstepTrader Strategy everyday its not going to work. If you have failed multiple times at passing it you need to finds out why and make the changes, try something different. Continue to grow and strive for success and you will get there. Believe me I know because I worked dam hard to get everything I have worked for over my trading career of 4 plus years.

Anyway that is my rant for today! As always I love to discuss trading with anyone that wants to chat. Feel free to add me to Skype if you have any questions on my trading or how I’m helping others.

Lino D.



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