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TopstepTrader 150k Combine Day 4

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone had a great weekend, today was Day 4 four of my 150k TopstepTrader combine. Momentum had a nice run to the downside overnight and leading up to the pit open of Crude Oil Futures.

I waited until about 30 min after the open when crude made its move from 30.57 to 30.14 I seen the pull back and anticipated the short trade. I got stopped out twice as it was not finished retracing fully to our high probability area. The third attempt went smoothly and I held it for +27 ticks on 3 lots. Take a look at the screen shot below, I enterd at 30.28 and exited at 30.01.

The biggest edge in my trading strategy is risk/reward. It allows me to be wrong multiple times, hit my winning trade and walk away with profit. After that trade I was done for the day.

As of today I still remain above the $9000 needed to complete the combine with 6 more days of trading needed before moving on to the Funded Trader Preperation.

Thanks for stopping by and as always feel free to send me an email or add me to Skype!

Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1

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