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TST Funded Trader First Day +$3600

Hey Traders,

Welcome back to my blog! Hope everyone had a great holiday season and new years. I defiantly had some time to relax and work on my trading plan and goals for 2016.

If you have been following my blog posts, you know that in December I recently passed the full testing of TopstepTrader and was awarded a Funded account with the funding partner. If you are not sure who TopstepTrader is please click the previous bold letters and it will take you to my full explanation of TST and you can also see how I passed it all.

Typically, the first day back in the markets can be really quite but that was no the case today, across all markets. Right from the overnight session Crude oil and the Emini S&P market has volatility. It presented for some great trading opportunities and the ability to take some real profits out of the market.

Its been a few weeks since I traded live so I have to admit I was a little shaky in my entries, being extra cautious about my new account and not to totally mess it up. I was up over 40 ticks when I started to increase my size and it was to early. It actually brought me back down to break even which is when I stopped.

After re evaluating the market I noticed on a larger time frame we were approaching a large resistance area and I have defiantly seen this set up before. This had the potential to run for over 100 ticks and that exactly what It did. Perfect entry with 3 lots and all I did was sit back and manage risk. These days are rare but when it comes you have to be ready, you must know your charts, your strategy and the best time to enter the market. This only comes with practice, practice and more practice.

A great start to the year and first 10 days of my funded account. I say 10 days because this is when there are still a lot a very strict rules in place with the equity partner. I must stay patient ands stay within the rules for the next few weeks to ensure longevity. I have read so many posts over the holidays about how impossible it is to pass TST and succeed it actually pretty sad. Calling it a scam and so on, the negativity surrounded around the trading world is terrible.

It took me a while to pass because I had to realize what I was doing. I knew how to trade but I needed a separate strategy to just pass the combine and Funded Trader Preparation. My goal is to pass this information along to any students that want to learn with me.

As always feel free to send me a email, add me to skype. Always love to chat with fellow trades.

Lino D.



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