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January 6th, 2015 -$731

Hey Traders,

Thanks for reading my trading update today, All I can say is I had a tough time with the markets today. A little bit of chop and some volatility had me second guessing my entries, getting in late and the list goes on. All completely my fault but most of all poor risk management in using to many lots.

I was a little to quick for the market, I anticipated the bearish continuation of Crude oil but was about 20 min to early. I tried to take it down twice but got stopped out. By the time it finally ran in my direction I had to many losses and I stopped trading

I had a chat with the funded department and when most people fail in the funded account is because of improper use of contracts and risking way too much when the market is just not moving or the trader is trying to make up losses.

I have lost half of my large gain from day 1 but most importantly I’m now breaking two of the combine rules 45% profitable days and because I took a loss on ES I’m below 0 in that market. I need to get focused and back on track with my 10 day plan.

Again the goal tomorrow is to win the day, I will not care how much I make, I need to win the day in both the ES and Crude market.

Very disappointed today in my performance but its time to let it go and regroup, just like a professional sports player there is always another game and you need to forget about a bad performance and focus on what’s next.

Thanks for reading.

Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1


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