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Funded Redevelopment

Hey Traders.

Hope everyone is doing well, I wanted to do an update on my trading as I know a few of you have been asking. On Friday of last week, I came about 200 away from breaking a rule and I had a nice long chat with the funded department.

They gave me two choices to trade on Monday and break the rule or start a “funded trader Development” combine where I trade in sim for 10 days have a small profit target then I can come back to my funded account with no strings attached, start brand new, So the good news I don’t lose my money I already made and I don’t lose my funded account. Rather than breaking the rule in the first 10 days and losing my account it was a no brainer to take the redevelopment.

It was terrible trading on my part, I leveraged up at the wrong times, I broke all my personal rules in the first 10 days of trading and it was a huge learning lesson. I had a great day to start the week on January 4th but I got aggressive and greedy. To make it even worse TST updated all the rules on the same Friday and took away the ones that always got me like 45% profitable days. Anyway no excuses.

All my own fault, it sucks to be on the side line right now but It’s a learning opportunity on what not to do and believe me I have learned my lesson. I have to make $1500 in 10 trading days and now 2 days in I’m already over that.

So ill be back trading my funded account in less than 2 weeks and Ill be ready. This business will know you down but its all about getting back on your feet, realizing what you have done and moving forward.

Thanks for stopping by.

Lino D.




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