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TST Funded Trader Preparation Day 9

Hi traders,

Because I’m so close to my weekly loss limit I decided to take 1 trade today win or lose then move to the SIM market. Of course I let my students know before I do anything if I’m trading in SIM, TST or my real account.

It’s important to give them full transparency so I tell them everything, I trade from my charts and show my DOM if they ask to see it at anytime.

I took a small 8 tick loss which doesn’t hurt me to bad since I have about 27 ticks to give before reaching the weekly loss limit. My plan for tomorrow the last day of my FTP is to do the same thing. I’m in a good position to pass the last step to get funded and I will not risk is for any reason including having a better “record” in the FTP.

If you have any questions on my trading or myself I’m always happy to answer them directly. Feel free to email or add me on Skype.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1

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