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TopStepTrader 100k Combine Day 7: Live Trade Room

Hey Traders,

It’s Thursday November 19, 2015 and we are in the Live Trade Room this morning. Nice bearish run overnight in the Crude Oil Futures Market. We stayed patient looking for more downside opportunity taking a few losses and a few break even trades. It was clear we were in a range for most of the morning session, so from there we re-evaluated and went through our morning routine once again.

Discovered a great retracement are into the 50-62% area, eventually it made it way up placed our limit order in our high probability area and it took us in fast. We held onto it for +30 ticks. Finished the day with over 70 ticks before commissions ($700.00) another great day in the trading room and another great day for students. Only 53% winners today and Profitable, If you are not trading with a min 1/2 or 1/3 risk/reward you are probably losing consistently and dont know why.

A past student hit a nice full target trade on crude, another new student started to trade the Euro using our strategy and killed it. I will be sharing their trades very soon on a weekly recap on my Youtube channel.

Day 7 of my TST combine is in the books.

Thanks for reading.

Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1

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