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TopStepTrader 100k Combine Day 4

Hey Traders,

Today was day 4 of my TopStepTrader 100k combine. More than anything today I need to win the day, I was at my Max Drawdown literally 5 ticks away from it so I needed a WIN bad. I was down about 500 ticks TOTAL on crude so either way I need to make some ground up today or it was game over.

Crude Oil has been bearish for weeks now and today It was no different. It made a huge run down over night and continued into the pit open. I seen an opportunity to capitalize and I knew I needed approx. 50 ticks (on ten lots) to get back everything I was down on crude. A nice pull back around 6:41am PST and a short with 10 lots. I failed twice then finally got the full move I was looking for and held it for about 60 ticks. Total gross profit was $6000.00, great trade and a great way to continue my combine and start the week.

My students also traded very well today, almost all having large profitable days. We all see the market on the same charts but find other ways to profit. This is what I mean when they teach me something every day, every person has a unique view and it helps us to learn from each other. This can be a very powerful and I’m so happy we are doing exactly what I visualized. A great team of traders that can help others and stay consistently profitable. That’s what it’s all about.

All I need is to stay patient over the next 6 trading days, take my profits, don’t get greedy and WIN to pass the combine and get funded. Easier said than done but I’m on the right path so let’s get it!

Excited to speak with my students tomorrow in our weekly trading and education sessions.

Lino D.



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