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TopStepTrader 100k Combine Day 1

Hi Traders,

I decided to blog my trading and experience through trading in the TopStepTrader Combine. If you are unfamiliar with TopStepTrader they are a company and trading firm that basically tells you to prove it. If you earn the target profit over the amount of days and stay within all the rules you get a funded account. There are Different combines that have different profit levels and different daily loss limits etc. Defiantly check it out it will benefit your trading.

So this is not my first run I actually been trying out these combines off and on for almost a year. To tell you the truth I passed the “combine” 4 times only to fail in the next part which is called the “Funded Trader Prep” Basically it’s another 10 days of trading under stricter rules and less of a profit target. I have made stupid errors, greedy mistakes and emotional trading just to sum up a few of the reasons why I didn’t pass the final stages those 4 separate times. I gave it half ass efforts, not concentrating, trading in my personal account simultaneously. BLAH BLAH BLAH more excuses right.

I recently started a new 100k combine where the profit objective is $6000 with a minimum of 10 trading days. (Continuous combine) Below is a screen shot of my day 1 results, Took a few trades in Crude Oil (CL) and came out with about +39 ticks gross profit $390.00. Now I said before I would never trade the ES E-mini S&P 500 contract because of all the pain it has caused me in the past but it was just a setup that was to hard top pass up. It was mid-afternoon on a Friday and ES was down for the day when is started to pull back. You can see in the picture it pulled back exactly to the 50% - 61% retracement area. I took the first trade and for some reason got out of the trade early ( I really can’t remember why I got out) It defiantly would of continues on like I planned. You can see I re-entered the market and this time help it down for 12 points on 10 lots. I know that is risky as heel considering my daily loss limit but I have hit this trade multiple times in the past on TopStepTrader and in my personal account.

So in that one trade I passed the profit objective, yippee right? WRONG. There is so much more involved in passing the combine, you have to be a certain percentage profitable for the days, you cannot loss a certain amount in a day or week (funded trader prep) also you have to follow the scaling plan in the FTP. There are plenty of ways to kill the combine and lose, it’s all about staying in the game long enough and having disciple.

With that said I’m off to a great start but believe me I have had this great start before only to do something stupid to mess it up, for example trade another instrument I have no idea how it trades. Moves etc. Try to trade bigger size for no reason at all and hit a daily loss limit etc.

Finally, I’m trading this LIVE in front of my students who join me in the Mentorship Program. I think it’s a great way to learn, some of my students are trading it with me and as far as I’m concerned it’s the only way to prove you can trade without people questionsing your every move. SO here it is, I’m going to try my best to get it done this time through.

Stay tuned for daily updates!



Skype: lino.demarchi1

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