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+180 Day 3 Uprofit Trader Funded Test

Hey Traders,

I managed to get a little profit today but I think after commissions I will be break even or close to it on day 3 of my 50k UProfit funded test.

Over trading and not managing my positions properly led to me being in the red the entire time I was trading.

I did manage to step away until the end of the trading session see a decent trade setup and get back from being negative $750 on the day.

The NQ is a wild beast these days as you all know, with the downturn in the market I'm lucky to come out alive and able to trade another day in the Uprofit test!

My goal is to trade the min. 10 days to get to the profit goal of $2500.

Stay tuned for tomorrows update as I look to bounce back!

Check out UProfit HERE for more info!


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