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10k Micros Swing Trading Combine from TopStepTrader Funded. 

The 10k combine from TopstepTrader utilizes the Micro's futures trading contracts. You are able to trade the  Dow, S&P 500, Russel and Nasdaq Micro contracts. 

Because of the low margin needed to trade these products TopstepTrader allows you to hold positions overnight, through the close and over the weekend. I thought it was a great concept to find long term swings and hold for the day or even a couple of days. 

You are able to hold up to 5 lots total without having to follow the scaling plan. Of course, your not going to hit huge home runs with the micro contracts but it is possible to earn over $1,000 in  a day as you can see below. 

I managed to pass the 10k micro combine fairly quickly trading only the MYM (Micro Dow Jones).

You can see below that when you combine a solid long term strategy and a volatile futures market like the YM you can profit even with the micros contract. 

To learn more about TopStepTrader Micros please click here. 

micros 1.png
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